Since 1983, we’ve maintained a commitment to helping industrial and commercial facilities across the nation achieve significant waste stream reduction utilizing innovative and sustainable solutions. We use a combination of high-quality products, advanced processes, and unique closed-loop recycling programs that enable our customers to improve overall safety, reduce costs, eliminate cradle to grave liability, and reduce pollution to achieve their green initiatives.

Saving the Environment for Tomorrow’s Generation

Our goal is to provide exceptional service and value for every customer through waste stream elimination, cost reduction, and improved safety. We offer a wide range of recycling programs which include absorbents, transportation, PPE repair, data tracking, and our thorough recycling service. In addition to used oil recycling, we also repair and recycle personal protective equipment that would otherwise go to waste.

OIL HARVERSTED (in gallon)

Our Responsibility

Every program begins with an initial comprehensive service audit of your current system and its requirements, allowing us to recommend the best services to fit your needs and determine the number of containers and absorbents that will be needed for your program. Your recycling service will include all of your absorbents, manifests, containers, cleaning, inspection, and transportation for one inclusive service price. Our representatives deliver the materials needed to begin the program, which is then picked up, replaced with clean materials, and returned to our facility for cleaning and harvesting.

During the recycling process, used oil is extracted from absorbents and PPE using solvents. The recycled equipment is returned to your location, while the used solvents are separated from the oil for continued use, eliminating pollution and waste products.

Why We’re Passionate

As waste production increases year over year, and toxic substances further pollute our environment, it is more important than ever that we take steps to reduce waste streams and protect our natural resources for future generations. Industrial waste production is estimated to top 7 billion tons annually in the U.S. alone. Our closed loop process prevents air, soil, and water pollution through our incredibly efficient technology, as well as reducing landfill waste. Our recycling services are designed to help businesses meet their green initiatives through compliance with ISO 14001 and the EPA’s management standards for used oil handling. Our efficient and sustainable services have allowed us the opportunity to eliminate millions of pounds of waste for our customers.

In addition to the numerous environmental benefits of waste reduction through recycling, companies can also experience significant cost savings with our extensive selection of recyclable absorbents and our PPE repair services. These programs extend the life of otherwise single-use items, reducing the cost and frequency of equipment orders and ensuring worker safety. Our range of recycling services, absorbents, and PPE also allow companies to reduce the number of suppliers and disposal methods needed, creating a more streamlined operation.

What Others Are Saying

“The EnviRowclean oil pad recycling program was a great business decision for my company. Not only does it provide us with a hefty cost savings, but it significantly reduces our environmental waste. All we have to do is make sure the old pads are put in drums and the rest is pretty much automated. It also might be noted that EnviRowclean’s customer service is second to none in terms of their sense of urgency. Highly recommended”

Eric M., Steel Stamping Manufacturer

“Dealing with the daily environmental and recycling needs of a large manufacturing facility, It is reassuring to know that when a problem arises, I can call Rowland Safety and will get the support I need to address the issue.”

Lonnie L., Automotive Tier 1 Manufacturer

“We appreciate your visit today to make sure the quality of service Rowland provides to Bodine was going well. You always make the statement before leaving “If there is anything you need give me a call”. We have been doing business with Rowland for eleven years. If there have been issues they have always been resolved in a quick and a professional manner. We appreciate all Rowland does for us. “

Steve R., Automotive Manufacturer

“I have worked with Rowland Safety & Supply for the past 2 years. Their recycle program is beneficial to our plant. 1), It is a cost savings, 2) It is green service. The staff are excellent. I would highly recommend them.”

Crystal C., Injection Mold Manufacturer

“One of the great things I appreciate about Rowland Safety is that they are a local company based here in Jackson, If I have a need, I can contact Keith McIntyre our account manager, and know that I will get an immediate response.”

Lonnie L., Automotive Tier 1 Manufacturer

“Rowland’s customer service is outstanding! Very quick to respond and handle any request. Great range of service and supplies. Can find anything through them. Thank you for all you do!”

Jessica A., Automotive Tier 1 Manufacturer

“I had the chance to tour the facility the staff made me feel welcome the minute I walked through the door. They shook my hand and today they still remember my name.

I can honestly say that I have been surprised by Rowland Safety and Supply’s service and prices. They are a perfect example of great customer service. If I need something quick fast and in a hurry, I just get my account manager on the phone and they get on faster than you can snap your fingers.

They get my vote, but don’t take my word for it. I recommend that you pick up the phone and try them for yourself, I promise you will be satisfied with their overall service all at a price that you can afford.”

M.J., Glass Manufacturer

“I have been using Rowland Safety now for over 2 years, and they have consistently provided prompt and reliable services, If you need Safety and Industrial Supplies I would recommend Rowland Safety.”

Lonnie L., Automotive Tier 1 Manufacturer

Nationwide Service

We provide products and services to customers nationwide, with a truck fleet servicing AL, AR, GA, KY, MO, MS, and TN as well as Southern IL, IN, and OH.

Reduce your carbon footprint, keep the environmental auditor happy, and save capital.

Discover how you can reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your waste stream, achieve green initiatives, and experience substantial savings with Envirowclean by calling 1-888-653-6231.