Each of our services is designed to provide a streamlined disposal process that effectively reduces pollution, necessary suppliers, and equipment costs while protecting the environment and its natural resources.


Before implementing a recycling program, our representatives make a thorough assessment of your facility to better recommend the product quantities and services that best meet your needs. Each program includes all of the absorbents, containers, transportation, manifests, reporting, and recycling you’ll need to successfully meet your Green Initiatives.

Our unique closed loop recycling process ensures that no materials are wasted through thorough extraction, cleaning, and drying utilizing our advanced in-house technology. Cleaned absorbents and PPE are returned for further uses, while the extracted oil is sent for re-refining, and even our solvents are separated from the extracted oil after cleaning for reuse.

Recyclable absorbents and repaired PPE allow our customers to save money on regular absorbent purchases by extending the life of what would otherwise become landfill waste. This effectively reduces your overall carbon footprint and prevents unnecessary air and soil pollution.


As a part of our PPE recycling program, any PPE with minor damage is repaired to extend its usage and ensure the safety of your employees. Gloves and sleeves are repaired using highly cut-resistant patches, re-coating technology we developed for dipped gloves, and fusion bond technology to fuse damaged leather gloves. Each item is thoroughly inspected, repaired, and sanitized to hospital standards before bundling and delivery for optimal quality.

Transportation and Documentation

When planning and implementing your recycling service, our representatives perform a comprehensive service audit and coordinate with you to create a service schedule and plan your first product delivery.

Within a week of implementation, our staff can be on-site to assess your product usage and whether to adjust product quantities and pick-up dates. Depending on your needs, our trucks provide weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pick-up and delivery which are included in the agreed upon all-inclusive price for your complete recycling services. As dirty materials are loaded for recycling during pick-up, our representatives re-stock your inventory with a delivery of clean products.

In compliance with EPA regulations, each pick-up is completed with a full scan of all used products loaded into the truck to create a manifest, which is signed along with the packing slip by both driver and customer. Every program is also accompanied by waste reduction reporting so you can see the precise environmental and cost benefits of recycling as you meet your ISO 14001 Green Initiatives.

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